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  Covenants Committee  
Cover Letter
Proposed Restrictive Covenants


Committee Members:
           Developer:    Dave M
           Lot Owners:  Pete C., Janet W., Jim S., Jim C.         

At the 2013 annual meeting, several suggestions were discussed relative to the proposed revisions to the restrictive covenants.  A committee was given the responsibility to work together with the developer to create another draft based on that discussion. 


The committee and the developer worked diligently and cooperatively and the resulting revision is being presented for your approval. 


Every lot owner was mailed a copy of the proposed restrictive covenants along with a cover letter asking for your support.  You can also see the cover letter and the proposed new restrictive covenants by 'clicking' on the hyperlinks on the left side of this page.


On the cover letter, please indicate "yes" or "no", sign, print your name and promptly mail a copy of your signed cover letter to Partridge Pointe Association.

Following the final tally, we can have an independent party audit the results if requested by a lot owner. 


 Partridge Pointe Association


6984 Partridge Circle, Ludington, MI 49431