Garbage and Recycling



Please use common sense when using the dumpsters. 
1. Help keep the dumpster area clean.
2. No large items in, or set to the side of, dumpsters.  Especially if they contain Freon.
3. No garbage on top.  Including when the dumpster is full.  Before you give up, check the back for space.
4. Close the lid when you leave.
5. Minimize wet garbage in the dumpster by maximizing your sink grinder.  All of us have septic systems large enough to handle all of our wet garbage.
6. Put recyclable cardboard and paper only in the cardboard dumpster and break down boxes.
7. Remember, tires and paint are special "no-nos" in dumpsters.
8. Only one dumpster is used in the "off" season.  This is saving quite a bit of money.

The left (north) dumpster is used year round.  The center dumpster is used during periods of high demand.  The dumpster on the right (south) is for cardboard.

To see Allied Waste's paper recycling policy, click here.

Hamlin Township also has a Transfer Site where you can recycle and dispose of problem waste.

For more recycling option, check out the AFFEW web site

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