1. The beach area is for Partridge Pointe lot owners only.  Guests must be accompanied by a lot owner.

2. Please use the parking stickers.

3. No dogs are allowed on the beach -- not even on a leash. 

4. Boats and jet skis should be kept at the far north end of the beach so not to cause danger to swimmers.

5. The fire pit on the beach is not a trash bin -- if you bring it to the beach -- take it with you when you leave.

6. If you are the last one to leave the beach, please make sure that the goose fence bungee cords are up.
7. Parking is not allowed in or around the boat launch.  This interferes with people trying to launch boats.
8. Gordon's goose fence continues to do a good job.
9. Thanks to everyone who helps pick weeds and keep the beach clean.

Glider Benches

Partridge Pointe beach sign

Goose Fence

Purple Martin Houses

Parking above beach

Parking Sticker

Boat Launch Parking signs


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