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Walking Group


There is an unorganized group of walkers that leave the corner of Partridge Circle and Otter Ridge Dr. every weekday morning promptly at 8:30.

1. They walk at any temperature, but do not walk when there is poor footing (think ice during the winter)

2. Most of the time when there is precipitation, they do not walk.

3. After the first few minutes, the fast-walkers pull away from the slow-walkers.

4. Those that cannot walk for an hour, turn around early.

5. The gung-ho walkers route take them around the 'circle', out to Shagway on Lincoln, and then directly back.

6. The walkers understanding is that for safety they stay left, and wheeled vehicles stay right and move over when passing them.

It is good exercise, and most world problems can be solved during one hour.  Everyone, including visitors, is certainly welcome to join the walking group.



 Partridge Pointe Association


6984 Partridge Circle, Ludington, MI 49431